Programs at Canyon Hills Childcare

At Canyon Hills Childcare we are committed to providing a positive Christ-centered environment in which children can learn, grow, and play. We use the framework of the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s early childhood development, which promotes learning and development if the following areas: social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive. Canyon Hills Childcare programs emphasize the development of the whole child through play. Our daily curriculum and activities are designed to help each child grow spiritually, socially, academically, and physically in developmentally appropriate settings.

Infant Program

Infant Program at Canyon Hills Childcare

Your infant is cared for in a safe, loving and clean environment by our nurturing staff. Our Infant Program is designed to promote the development of the child’s cognitive and motor skills by incorporating music, movement and play in their daily activity. We have a staff ratio of no more than 4 infants to 1 teacher at any given time to provide your baby with personal attention and care. Your Baby will have exposure to Language development & listening skills: through A B C’s, music, and conversing with caregivers, peers, and others, math skills by counting from 1-10, and art through age appropriate medias. And an exposure to God's Word to imprint God's Love in your child's heart. Our loving, experienced staff and the warm environment will make the baby’s first transition away from home easy for families.

Toddler Program

Toddler Program at Canyon Hills Childcare

Your toddler will experience a curriculum designed to stimulate physical, intellectual, and behavioral growth. We have a staff ratio of no more than 6 toddlers to 1 teacher at any given time to provide your toddler with personal attention and care. Your toddler will learn Language development and listening skills through ABC’s, manners, conversing with peers and others, math skills through count 1-10, music through hearing and singing educational, classical, traditional and fun songs, and art through coloring, painting, drawing, cutting and gluing Involves use of various media and shapes. Your toddler will have an exposure to God’s word through simple Bible stories and songs that will share the message of Jesus that is woven throughout the day.

Two-Year-Old Program

PreSchool Program at Canyon Hills Childcare

Two-year olds are terrific learners with lots of energy and an excitement to trying new things! A rapid increase in their ability to learn concepts and skills take place during this time and verbal skills are developing at a fast pace. We believe in starting an early phonics-based curriculum, which ensures a strong foundation in language skills. However, nurturing is still a primary need and nurturing and learning are provided in a balanced manner. Your child will experience God’s love through weekly Bible stories, and songs that will help your child understand God’s love.

Three- and Four-Year-Old Program

Children take pride at this age in their new accomplishments and fill them with a desire to learn more. Vocabulary, coordination, intellectual thinking and social skills are all being developed at this stage. Children will be introduced to Early Language and Literacy, Writing (tracing) skills, Math concepts, Science and Social Studies. We will do this through play based learning. They will also have time to play, sing songs and play instruments. Bible time will be an important part of the school day. Your child will learn all they can about Jesus and God’s Word.